Short Pointy Nails

23 trendy ways to rock short, pointed nails

Are you fed up with your nails and looking for a new design to try? If so, we have you covered at Stay Glam because we have 23 stylish short pointy nails to show you. We’ve already talked about other nail shapes like coffin, but now it’s time for the points. The shorter nails are easier to carry and the pointed shape looks so trendy that there is a mani that suits everyone. Read on and take a look. We also have glamorous art, bright colors, and some unique nail designs. You will want to try them all!

1. French Ombre Short Pointy Nails

First we have these chic and short pointed nails. Each nail is decorated with French ombre Art. French ombre is such a trendy and elegant look. The classic French mani colors are used, but the colors mix wonderfully instead of having the striking white tip. You can find easy-to-follow ombre nail tutorials online.

Chic and short pointed nails

Source: @amur_nails

2. Naked nails with red tips

Give your look a touch of color with a nail design like this. All nails have a light nude shade and each has a dark pink tip. It’s a fun and trendy nail idea and a more subtle way to wear lighter colors. Recreate this, or try a different vivid color for the tips.

Naked nails with red tips

Source: @nailsrnd

3. Lace pink nail design

This next idea is so sparkling and pretty. Most nails are light pink and one nail is pink and glittering. There is also a small rhinestone pattern on a nail. It is a glamorous look for short nails and perfect for spring and summer. You can try a similar mani or a shorter nail length.

Lace pink nail design

Source: @nailsbykatrins

4. Gold short pointed nails

Looking for a simple but bold nail design? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have short nails that are dark gold in color. It is a trendy and meaningful design. Recreate them or choose a different nail color.

Gold short pointy nails

Source: @classicmully

5.Watercolor mani

If you like creative and bright nail art, take a look at this next idea. Here we have short and pointed nails. Each nail is painted with different strong colors with a watercolor effect. It’s a fun and quirky nail design that gives your outfits bold colors. You can find nail tutorials online for watercolor nail art.

Watercolor mani

Source: @ Superflynails

6.Tropical nail art

Next we have a tropical and summer look. Some nails are bright orange and some have black and white stripes with tropical green leaves. It is a unique and stylish mani that is perfect for spring, summer and vacation. You can buy nail tape to create clean strips, and you can also buy leaf nail stencils.

Tropical nail art

Source: @ Superflynails

7. Trendy Chrome Nails

We love this next idea, it’s one of our favorites! Each nail is painted in a different color with a chrome effect. From black to pink. It is a trendy and modern mani that is perfect for those who want to try new colors and textures. You can recreate this look or use five different chrome nail colors. A sharper point would also look fantastic.

Trendy short chrome nails

Source: @amur_nails

8. Summery Yellow Mani

The next nail idea is a different summer one. Every hand is different, but the whole art is similar. Some nails are light yellow and some are light and simple or light with yellow nail art. It is a stylish and meaningful mani. A bright yellow like this is a must for spring and summer, so a similar varnish would be a great addition to your nail collection.

Summery yellow mani

Source: @amur_nails

9. Elegant nail design

At the beginning of the post, we introduced a French ombre look. If you loved this design and you like elegant looks, you must see this too. For this look, all nails are bare with French tips. There is also an accent nail with sparkling rhinestones. It is a dazzling and elegant nail design that is perfect for special occasions like weddings.

Elegant French Tip Nail Design

Source: @tami_tamichka

10. Glam Short Pointy Nails

Next we have another glamorous nail design for short and pointy nails. One nail is bare with rhinestones, two nails are peach-colored and one nail is covered with chrome. We love the nail colors and different textures, they are so trendy. The rhinestones give a little shine and let the colors burst even more. This is a beautiful nail design and is great for parties, evenings and more.

Peach nail design with rhinestones

Source: @_allured

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