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Bridal Lingerie – The best styles for your big day


Future brides, we take you to the sky of bridal linen. It is easy to forget what is going on under your dress when you storm around trying to find the perfect dress Wedding shoesBut putting a little money aside for a comfortable and sexy underwear set could go a long way.

Nobody wants unsightly bra straps to look out on their wedding photos. So if you match the right bra to your neckline, you will look better. Strapless bras are adorable with heart-shaped cutouts, while dresses with a cheeky cleavage may need a slightly more durable, full cup.

Your lower half is just as important and there is also a lot to think about. Regardless of whether you get a helping hand for a form-fitting dress from a shapewear or avoid dreaded visible panty liners with a thong, adding a garter belt gives your wedding a little spice. The all-important garter is also easy to miss, and we’ve found a number of styles in our editing that your future husband may not want to throw.

As is tradition, white is a popular choice for bridal linen because it is easy to combine with plain or lace Wedding dress. However, if you feel a little more adventurous, a hint of light pink, blue and nude also create a dreamy, romantic range of colors.

Whether you are looking for elegance or a sensual secret, these parts give you additional confidence.

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