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Bridesmaid dresses are expected to follow this color trend in 2020

Are you planning a wedding in 2020? You are probably snowed in with decisions – which ones Wedding poem will be the perfect fit? Where do you want to say “I’m doing”? Will you ever agree a seating plan?

And then there are the bridesmaid dresses that you have to think about. Perhaps you like the idea that your bridal group wears the same style. You can choose to have everyone choose their own, and then get the right shade.

According to the expert, there is a color that will appear again and again at weddings next year. When you see them, you will understand why.

Louie Tew, co-founder of the bridesmaid fashion label TH & TH, spoke and told about wedding trends Who put on what What colors can you expect at weddings in 2020?

Apparently bridesmaids wear a deep shade of green known as the “lagoon” and it’s stunning.

Louie said: “This shade is too green, which is marine too blue, and after seeing this beautiful shade on the Oscar de la Renta catwalk, we knew we had to have it in the collection of our signature fabrics. Tulle, chiffon and our new crepe luxury. “

However, if you prefer a softer shade, yellow and pink can also be a popular choice.

Louis added: “Lemon is becoming increasingly popular due to its neutral tone, which makes it more daring than ivory or cream without affecting these classic shades.

“Pink is the most popular color of all when it comes to weddings. But we’re seeing a shift towards a mix of dark pink and lilac with a hint of smoke. This creates a softer, warmer tone and gives all of your photos a dreamy, ethereal feel. “

So if you are looking for color inspiration, trust the experts.

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