Does the gym ruin your hair?

Your workout and exposure to the most popular hairstyles in the gym can damage your strands. Here’s how to snake through your next spin class …

Believe it or not, “fitness hairstyles” are a lot of googled things, as the need to share glamorous fitness selfies on the grief is an increasingly common phenomenon.

But let’s face it, wet fitness hair is only cool if you’ve styled it with a bunch of gel and gloss spray. Soaked in sweat could actually damage your strands.

“Sweat contains salts that can dry out hair,” says Michael Lendon, creative director at Aveda. “Salt is osmotic, which means that it leaches moisture from the strands. The same salts can also help break down pigments in your hair color, leading to premature matting. “

In addition, the water in the sweat can cause the strands to stretch and tear easily.

Practical that we have the solution on how to make these fitness hairstyles sweatproof …

Before the training

Start by running a leave-in conditioner through your hair. This creates a barrier between the sweat and your strands.

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During your workout

Pull your hair away from your neck and forehead to avoid contact with sweaty skin.

“But remember, hair ties can tear strands, especially when you exercise,” says Lendon. “Excessive and repeated use of tight ponytails can also stress the hairline too much and lead to so-called traction alopecia or hair loss.”

Fabric hair ties or an invisible bobble are safe options for fitness hairstyles, as they don’t get caught in strands.

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“While buns, buns, and high ponytails are practical hairstyles in the gym, you should vary where you tie your hair each time you exercise to avoid putting too much strain on the same area,” Lendon explains. “Turn things up too – braids are a great option and go easy on your hair.”

After training

The most effective way to protect hair from sweat is to rethink your hair regime after your workout.

Dry shampoo is a good way to avoid an oil slick, but the key is to apply it In front you start to sweat – not afterwards.

“When your hair is drenched in sweat, the starch cakes in dry shampoo on the scalp and strands when it dries in the air,” Lendon says. “This can contribute to the growth of unwanted bacteria, which leads to an itchy and flaky scalp.”

In addition, the alcohol content of many dry shampoos mixed with sweat seriously dries out the strands. “Alcohol” is used to “carry” the canned product onto your hair. The problem is that alcohol evaporates very quickly, which can whip moisture out of your hair, making it rough, brittle and lackluster, ”adds Lendon.

Instead, find an alcohol-free dry shampoo and spray it over your roots before training to wipe up excess sweat before it can do any harm.

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Poppy Delevigne’s hairdresser, Larry King, also recommends keeping a pudding thick Hair mask switched on for at least five minutes while showering.

“Most contain around 25 percent more moisturizing ingredients than daily conditioners,” says King. “Only coat the weakened ends to avoid weighing the strands.”

Another good option is a hair sheet mask as it is occlusive, which means that all of these ingredients that are good for the hair ooze directly into strands with a little help from your body heat.

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Do you not have time for comprehensive deep conditioning treatment? Simply mix a small amount hair conditioner Put it in a spray bottle with water, spray it into your hair after training and then rinse it out, ”says Lendon.

So now there is no excuse for going to the gym, not even a “bad day”.

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