How to care for natural hair, says an A-List hairdresser

Words from Stefan Bertin

With so many different techniques, methods, product styles, and tips that natural hair can try, knowing how to properly care for your curls can sometimes be overwhelming. With many A-listeners on his squad, including Letitia Wright, Ella Eyre, Vick Hope and more, hairdresser Stefan Bertin has shared his top tips on caring for natural hair, regardless of your curly pattern.

Avoid overwear

When caring for natural hair, it is important not to wash too much, as this can dry out your curls. Try to do the washing once a week or longer to avoid this. When washing, it is also important not to use water that is too hot, as this can rid your hair of the necessary hydration.

Use a refreshing mist of water between washes such as SheaMoisture Fruit Fusion Weightless Texture Spray, £ 10.99, Lookfantastic. This keeps the hair revitalized, springy and fresh. This non-greasy or sticky spray contains ingredients such as snack oil, lychee berry, reen apple and more and is the perfect intermediate.

Sleep in silk

Sleeping with a silk or satin wrap or pillow is a must for curly girls. Using these products overnight protects hair from moisture loss and frizz so you can wake up with hydrated and more manageable curls – without doing anything! If you choose a silk pillow, there are not only advantages for the hair, but they are also hypoallergenic and can prevent sleep wrinkles.

Moisture, moisture, moisture

Adding moisture to natural hair is one of the most important steps in taking care of your natural curls. Although you may not wash your hair frequently, it is important to moisturize and lock in moisture, as this will make it easier to use and easier to style and care for.

With a leave-in conditioner like SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthening And Restoring Leave In Conditioner, £ 12.99, Lookfantasticis great as you can leave this to unfold its magic without rinsing. A deep nourishing formula that contains shea butter and peppermint helps treat dry, damaged, and brittle hair and promotes healthy hair growth. It protects against damage, breaks and split ends and detangles and invigorates the scalp.

Protect against breakage

A big problem area for curls is breakage, which can be caused by overheating and hair styling. Using protective styles and products can prevent the locks from stretching and breaking. Therefore, opting for Bantu Knots and Rope Twists can be a hair saver from time to time.

Protective styling products like SheaMoisture Jojoba Oil & Ucuuba Butter Braid Up Conditioning Gel, £ 12.99, Lookfantastic, aim to make the locks smoother and to avoid breakage by pulling and narrowing. This light care product is a light formula that also prevents frizz and flyaways with its additional moisturizing jojoba oil, soothing ucuuba oil and carrot seed oil formula.

Make sure you trim

Although we all love long hair, it is important to cut regularly to avoid more breakage and damage. Try to cut at least every few months to get healthy curls, as healthy hair equals beautiful curls.

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