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How To Choose A Wedding Makeup Artist After A Pro MUA

The four fail-safe tips you need to get it right

While some brides prefer to make up themselves, the majority will rely on a wedding make-up artist for their big day.

But with so many, there is almost too much choice and it can be difficult to navigate the sea of ​​make-up artists to find the perfect one that suits your taste and ideas for your big day. (They also need to know what they’re doing.)

Weddings are a huge milestone, so it is important that you make the right choice. That is why we were looking for the best of the best to advise you on this matter.

Below Amy Conway, Bobbi Brown PRO artistshares her four most important tips for the selection of all important bride MUAs. Whatever you are Wedding budget, these are the secrets of success …

Do some research

“When you choose your makeup artist for the wedding, you will find a style that you love. All make-up artists have this characteristic style, regardless of whether it is radiant skin or prominent eyes. So meet up with a make-up artist who creates the looks that you love and that reflect your individual style. “

This is completely acceptable for Instagram stalk!

“Nowadays Instagram can be a make-up artist portfolio so you can see her previous bridal work. If you scroll and just love everything you see, meet them! You can also use this as a tool to select your favorite looks that the make-up artist has created. “

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Quiet is the key

“Pick someone you feel calm with. This is a great quality to look for when choosing your makeup artist.” You would have played a role many times on a wedding morning. So your job is not only to make you feel and look great, but also to keep you calm while they have you in their hot chair.

how to choose a wedding makeup artist


“I had a lot of brides through referrals, but the nice thing is that you get to know their families and friends well.

For a bride, it seems like you know the make-up artist a little more, which only allows you to feel comfortable with them and make the wedding morning even smoother. “

With these tips, you are sure to find your perfect professional makeup match.

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