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How to get thicker eyebrows in a few easy steps


The big brow trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so how to get thicker eyebrows is the question on everyone’s lips. So, what do you need to know?

First things first, step away from the tweezers. There’s grooming your eyebrows, and then there’s plucking them within an inch of their lives.

Whether you’re a tweezer user, waxer or threader, you may want to reconsider the strength of light you use when you’re grooming your brows. According to experts, brows are best tended to in soft dull lighting – too much light encourages you to over pluck.

When it comes to the best tools for the job, we love Rubis’ Classic Slant Tweezers (£21.50, Cult Beauty), which can extract even the thinnest and shortest hairs. These are literally used to make Rolex watches, so you know they’re good.

Keep scrolling for the best tips on how to get thicker eyebrows.

How to get thicker eyebrows


In order for your hair to grow, it needs to be in an environment that promotes hair growth. This means your skin needs to be well hydrated and nourished.

Enter Vaseline (£2.99, Boots). Known to create a sealing barrier, this jelly also locks in moisture to help speed up your skin’s natural recovery process. In fact, rumour has it that Marilyn Monroe used to employ Vaseline as her skin saviour and ended up with quite long facial hair; proof that it helps hair grow.

Simply clean and dry the area and apply Vaseline over your brows three to four times a day.

how to get thicker eyebrows


Oil promotes hair growth much like Vaseline, by creating a barrier that locks in moisture. But, it also increases circulation while stimulating cellular metabolism. This, in turn, promotes hair growth. Any oil can be used, so try olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, even castor oil. Simply apply on your brows before you go to bed and let it go to work.

Growth serum

If you want to get really clinical, apply a brow growth serum daily. Elizabeth Arden’s Brow Enhancing Serum, £90, Lookfantastic contains an exclusive triple peptide complex, boosted by vitamins, botanicals and hair conditioners, to support your hair’s natural renewal cycle. Within two weeks, you’ll notice a difference in the amount and strength of your brow hair.

A less expensive option is RapidBrow Enhancing Serum, £27.75, Lookfantastic, a formula containing fortifying proteins, stimulating peptides and nourishing ingredients designed to help condition, restore and repair the appearance of your eyebrows in 60 days – but in our experience results are noticeable sooner than that.

how to get thicker eyebrows

How to fill in eyebrows with make-up

First things first, work out the best eyebrow shape for your face. Then, outline with an eyebrow pencil, like Benefit’s Precisely My Brow (£17.45, Fabled), by drawing a line underneath your brow. Using the same pencil, fill in sparse areas with small hair-like flicks.

Then, use an angled brush and a similarly coloured pressed powder to define the shape of your brows. Try to not fill in the inside corners of your brows too much, or make the end points too harsh.

Finally, brush through with a spoolie to pick up any excess powder, blend lines and create a natural look. Help define with a concealer on the underneath of your arch. Read our guide to the best eyebrow makeup for more of the best products for the job.

How to grow eyebrows out

Brows grow in a three to four month cycle, so step away from the tweezers for at least 12 weeks. It might feel a bit weird at first, but stick it out.

Groom them daily with a spoolie to promote growth in the right direction. Then, after 12 weeks, you can pluck the ones that aren’t anywhere near your brow line. But leave any that are close to that area alone – even if you think you’ll pull them out later. Your brow hairs will then start to come in strong around the four month mark.

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