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I tried peeling socks to get rid of dry skin on my feet, and that’s exactly what happened

When spring / summer comes, I only live in sandals, I simply refuse to wear any closed shoes. However, this also has disadvantages: My feet become super dry by rubbing excessively without socks to protect the skin.

It’s not too bad, but I cracked heels and corns on my toes (see picture below), which are not removed by scrubbing with a pumice stone in the shower. Trust me, I tried Heavy.

After getting tired of investing in expensive foot creams that didn’t work, I turned to my trusted friend Google to find out if there were other solutions like this Pedicure at home out there, and Footner peeling socks appeared.

Accompanying this review, there were pictures before and after that blew my mind a little, so I thought I’d give it a try, and here’s what happened.

Peeling socks

Before treatment

Warning: Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see anything terrible before and after flaking my feet.

Footner peeling socks

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What are peeling socks?

Basically, they’re plastic socks that contain a special solution that helps break down dead skin over time. You open the top with scissors and slide your feet in, wear it for 60 minutes, and then throw it away. That’s pretty much all you need to know now.

How do peeling socks work?

First, you need to soak your feet in water as this helps with peeling (damp skin means the product is better absorbed). So I did that before putting my feet in it for 60 minutes while watching an episode of Poldark – I’m only interested in multitasking.

I thought it would be painful to dip my feet in a product that essentially causes the skin to peel off, but I didn’t feel as much as a tingling sensation, so I was pretty skeptical of whether it actually worked would. After the set time was up, I took off my socks, put them in (you can only use them once) and rinsed my feet with warm water. And waited.

How long does it take for dry skin to peel off?

I didn’t see results immediately and the instructions say that it takes five to seven days for the peeling process to begin. After five days, I started to think that nothing would happen until I got home after work and noticed that it was a massive air bubble under my foot. Yes, the process had started.

The PR for the brand advised me to soak my feet every day (“plugging in while showering is sufficient”) and to make sure that there is no moisture. So that’s what I did, and I found that it speeds up the process. The peeling got worse over the next few days.

Peeling socks

During the peeling process

Now I’m a person who actually likes squeezing blackheads (TMI?). So since you are not meant to peel your skin, just let it fall off, that was hard for me. I have to admit that I gave in on the seventh day and just started looking around for it.

If you imagine peeling cling film off your feet, but instead of cling film, it’s skin, so pretty much. I really didn’t know I had so much skin. It was gross, but satisfying.

As I write, I have reached day 10 and the peeling has stopped.

Who can use peeling socks?

It doesn’t matter how little or how dry your feet are, they remove dead skin. They are one size for everyone. I’m size 3 and thought they were too big, but that wasn’t a problem. However, the skin is sensitive after using the socks. So sunbathing is not recommended.

Even if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, diabetic or have sensitive skin, you cannot use it because it contains alcohol, among other things.

Peeling socks

After treatment

Footner Exfoliate Socks Review – Are They Worth It?

A big fat yes. My feet have never been so soft (when I was a baby?) And all signs of dry skin have disappeared. I would definitely do it again.

How long do the results last?

I just did that so my feet still look good, but the instructions seem to recommend doing this every two to three months, depending on how quickly your feet get dry again. And you have to wait at least three weeks between treatments because your skin is still sensitive.

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If you are still not sure about the foot peeling socks, here are some other products that I evaluate for dry, cracked feet, from foot peeling to sunken masks.

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