11 medium length hairstyles to take straight to the salon

Gone are the days of that awkward, in between stage. (Yaaas!)

Medium length hairstyles are everywhere at the moment, and aren’t going anywhere in 2020. Want to chop a bit off of your locks? Trying to grow out one of these short hairstyles? There’s a mid-length cut for that.

‘Medium length hairstyles look great when they’re maintained well; think fuller, blunt styles with no layering, ’advises Sam Burnett, founder and creative director at Hare and Bone. ‘If an individual’s hair is prone to frizz then it’s best to keep the hair on the longer side of medium. The longer and heavier the hair, the more controlled it will be. ’

And the number one tip if you’re trying to grow out your hair? “Ask your stylist to soften up the layers of the cut,” says Sam. ‘For fringes, focus on softening and feathering around the edges. By taking up the layers and softening the ends, the hair will look more balanced with less focus on the length. ’

Without further ado, allow us to bring you the best 2020 medium length hairstyles that’ll be everywhere this year. One to take to the hairdressers …

Medium length layered hairstyles

While it’s very on trend to have a blunt, medium-length style at the moment, the amount of layers you choose depends almost entirely on the texture of your hair and face shape. Longer layers suit finer hair types, while square faces can be softened with round layers and vice versa, according to Sam. Round faces can also be elongated with soft layering around the jawline.

Celebrity inspiration: Elizabeth Olsen and Alexa Chung

Hairstyles for medium length thick hair

medium length hairstyles thick Olivia Munn

Thicker hair weighs more than fine hair, and is therefore more controlled the longer it is. As a general rule, thicker hair will hold heat styling better than fine hair, and mid-to-long lengths make styling hair prone to frizz much easier.

Celebrity inspiration: Olivia Munn and Emma Stone

Hairstyles for medium length thin hair

The key to adding volume to thinner hair is layers, but don’t overdo it; ‘If you have fine hair, over layering will only make the hair appear thinner and sparser,’ advises Sam. Any layering should be kept longer to make the most of hair’s weight; try using volume sprays and the best shampoo for hair loss and thinning hair to make the most of your locks. Read our round up of hairstyles for fine hair for more inspiration on how to style thinner hair.

Celebrity inspiration: Daisy Ridley and Alexa Chung

Medium length hairstyles with bangs

medium length hairstyles with fringes Emma Stone

A fringe can make or break your overall look, so it’s important to choose the right one for your face shape. Side parted bangs are the option that works on most face shapes and hair types – Emma Stone’s big sweeping fringe perfectly complements her vintage style curls and doesn’t over accentuate her round face shape. See more of the best celebrity fringes in our round up of Hollywood’s hottest bangs.

Celebrity inspiration: Alexa Chung and Emma Stone

Medium length hairstyles with curls

Mid-length curls are one of the most sought-after styles of the season, a trend that’s likely to continue throughout 2018. Whether you like 40s curls like Emma Stone or wet-look like Chrissy Teigen, it’s a versatile style that is here to stay. Read our round up of curly hairstyles for for more inspiration on working a big and bouncy ‘do for your face shape.

Celebrity inspiration: Emma Stone and Chrissy Teigen

Hairstyles for medium length straight hair

medium length hairstyles straight hair Selena Gomez

At the moment medium length straight styles are usually overlooked in favor of a wavy or curled style – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t an elegant and chic hairstyle choice. Before going blonde, Selena Gomez often wore her long bob in a curved-inwards straight style, very appropriate for the red carpet. Soft layering also looks great in a straighter, tousled style.

Celebrity inspiration: Selena Gomez and Alexa Chung

Medium length hairstyles on oval faces

An oval face is, fortunately for you if it’s your face shape, the most versatile face shape when it comes to hairstyles which suit it. You can pretty rock any medium-length hairstyle you like and your face shape will pull it off. ‘The most important consideration to take into account [with a round face] is the individuals ’natural texture,’ advises Sam. ‘This will determine the style, shape and length.’ Go for a shoulder length choppy style or a wavy lob for an on trend ’do.

Not sure which style to pick for your face shape? Read our round up of hairstyles for oval faces for more inspiration.

Celebrity inspiration: Alexa Chung and Olivia Munn

Medium length hairstyles on square faces

medium length hairstyles for square faces Natalie Portman

Rounded layers draw attention away from a more angular jawline that’s common with this face shape. “Square face shapes can be softened with a short layered bob and / or subtle fringe,” says Sam. Feathered layers are great for mimicking a more oval face shape and will be more flattering on the face. ’

Loose curls and waves are great for adding roundness to a squarer face, too. ‘Parting the hair on the side also takes away from square shapes,’ Sam adds. Read our round up of hairstyles for square faces for more inspiration for a new mid-length cut.

Celebrity inspiration: Daisy Ridley and Natalie Portman

Hairstyles for medium length hair on round faces

The key with making a style work on a round face is not to accentuate the roundness. “Elongate round face shapes by creating soft layering just below the jawline, keeping the shape square throughout,” says Sam. ‘If a bob is your choice of style, go a few inches longer than a traditional bob to balance the roundness of the face.’

Read our round up of hairstyles for round faces for more inspiration.

Celebrity inspiration: Chrissy Teigen and Emma Stone

Below we chart the best mid-length celeb cuts to ever grace the red carpet; keep scrolling for all the hair inspo you’ll need in 2020.

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