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The best beauty gadgets for your toolkit at home

The future is bright, the beauty of the future Beauty has really entered a brave new world, where the best beauty equipment is so high technology that it has changed the way we use and apply our products. Beauty devices can now buzz, vibrate, and oscillate, improving your cleansing, detoxification, …

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Why I still dress when I work from home

It is denied that these are strange and worrying times for most of us to work from home to try and stop the spread of COVID-19. Changing your routine is always worrying. So if you stick to the habits that you can control, you can reduce anxiety. For me it’s …

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Five anti-aging facial exercises you can do at home

If it’s good enough for Meghan Markle … It is celebrated as a non-invasive alternative Botox and surgery, supposedly a big fan with Meghan Markle. But how exactly do anti-aging facial exercises help to remove fine lines, sagging and wrinkles? “These act on the hypodermis or the lower skin layer, …

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