It is important for fashion influencers to continue as normal, and here’s why

Fashion – and Fashion blogs – may seem frivolous at a time like this, but I would argue that they are exactly what we need. Of course, there are things we can do to help donate to food banks or spread friendly acts For example, but more than anything we need to feel better, and in my opinion, fashion falls firmly into this category.

Another aspect that may not seem obvious to some is that fashion influencers are also freelancers and therefore rely on their income to pay the bills. Here, four UK-based influencers explain why it is important for them to produce content and deal with both positive and negative reactions.

Monikh Dale (Picture above)

I decided to keep going because I have to, that’s my job, my tiny company, which I have to keep pushing to pay my mortgage like everyone else out there. I always saw my online account as a work account, I rarely show anything personal, I love keeping the two very separate. I also think that it helps my personal mental state to see it that way.

When we talk about the mental state, we also need to keep a little normal to stay healthy. What is happening in the world right now is incredibly serious and sad, but sometimes you have to turn away and enjoy a bit of light-heartedness. My website is here to give you a break from all the real problems that are happening. Like all companies, we try to stay afloat, but that doesn’t mean that we’re not doing well to help others in real life. You don’t have to show all the kindness you do on social media. Sometimes it’s nice to keep that to yourself.

Bettina Looney

It is important for fashion influencers to continue as normal

photo @ladichosa

I think right now is such an important time to use our platforms to spread good things and to share ways we can help others during this time. They want to convey a sense of unity and entertain people who are likely to go through the same process to put a smile on their faces.

I used my platform to talk about our experiences throughout the process since my husband recently got sick and we have been isolated for eight days. I shared many of the tips and facts that we received from NHS nurses, scientists, and others who had a similar experience during that time, which also made us feel a little relieved to know that we were others had things bouncing off.

Regarding fashion, since it’s my job as a personal shopper and stylist, I made a wise decision to finally take off my pajamas and get dressed for the day and my husband. I decided to style an outfit every day and write about what I wanted to wear on my side that day. It was so nice to see that many women today replied with really nice and encouraging messages. Some even say that it puts a smile on your face, that’s what I’m trying to do.

Lastly, I started reaching out to the amazing women in this industry with a picture of an item that they have in their dressing room, which I will then share, and then asked them to send a picture of that article that was designed to be it is published right after the still image of the article they are styling. I think it would be amazing for all of us to come together to be so fun and show that we are all united.

Katherine Ormerod

1585000415 662 It is important for fashion influencers to continue as normal

The reason I post through fashion is not that I get paid for it – I posted for years before there was any financial incentive. That’s because I LOVE clothes and beauty and I love putting outfits every morning. Having worked from home for over five years, I know how dressing improves my mental health. When I was a freelancer for the first time, I hardly bothered to take off my PJs and never put my face on. After a few weeks I realized how much confidence I had lost.

When you sit behind a keyboard and run your own business, how you feel really matters. Over the years of having a crisis of confidence, I found that I was charging less for my services and working a lot for free because I lost my sense of my own worth. Your value as a freelancer can be very changeable, so I think it is so important that you continue to feed the things that make you feel good about yourself and only one good point. And for me that attracts.

My content will be slightly different in each isolation period – I have some ongoing sponsored posts that I have to post as this is now a big part of my life, but it’s a great time to show that you don’t have to spend to be stylish. Inspiring others to look at what they already have and turning them around in another way is one of my favorite things to do in my job. I hope I can inspire people who love clothes and fashion to keep trying and find joy in something they love amidst all this insecurity. And I hope they all share their outfits too.

Anna Vitielo

1585000416 69 It is important for fashion influencers to continue as normal

Our industry can be used for so many good things – from Moncler, which donates 10 million euros for new intensive care units in Italy, to LVMH, which stops perfume production for the manufacture of hand disinfectants – you don’t have to look far to find the positive message that we can spread. In a less literal sense, fashion – especially luxury – has long been a form of escape and aspiration for so many who flip through the pages of a magazine or look for inspiration on social media, and it has always been (and will) be always) have their place. Fashion has the ability to get people out of their worries or less ideal reality for a second. Just as art allows people to enter a world they don’t own, the beauty and artistry of clothing or pictures has the same effect. Our world has never had such devastating consequences in our lives, and now we need to be able to dream, be inspired and creative more than ever, as well as time to collect donations, spread the right message, and do the right thing Spending time doing right things in a physical sense.

I tried to be incredibly respectful and use my platform to encourage followers to help where they can. For this reason, I have only posted twice in the past week or two, referring to what is happening. Friends of mine had a backlash at times like this because they posted “normal” pictures, but on social media people who feel they know better can’t do anything right. Hopefully we can use this time to better inform each other about how we can use our platforms for the common good, but my goodness knows that I will also turn to many of the people I love for a moment of escape follow when I feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on.

A lot of people have donated my stories to charities like that Italian red cross, the important financing initiatives for intensive care units or BankI am a food bank in the UK that helps those most in need of access to food. So I can only say that my content has received a large amount of positive results so far. I’m currently figuring out how to continue on this path. So look at this area.

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