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Italian brands are sharing their lockdown experience


It’s hard to know the full impact of the Corona Virus will have on our economy, with more and more stores closing, and independent fashion brands doing their best to survive.

Meanwhile Italy has been on lockdown for almost two weeks, and fashion and lifestyle brands have had to adapt. I asked them to share their experience, so we can have an idea of ​​what to expect, and it’s not all doom and gloom.

Arianna Casadei, global marketing and communications director for Casadei

We are all in this together. This situation is forcing us to change our daily routine as much as the way we are looking at business. We have to find new way to communicate with each other and I’m thankful for the digital tools we have at our disposal. We are trying to look up to the future with hope and commitment. It was an emotional moment when we had to close our stores in Italy and we are living everyday waiting for the update on the current situation. As an outlet everyone has their own, but we are fighting it the only way we know how: sharing digital aperitivo with friends, with beauty hang out on Skype and shoes of course… all of this keeps us together.

PINKO‘S creative director, Caterina Negra

Pinko, in the spirit of the positivity, optimism and confidence that characterizes the brand, has experimented with new forms of activity and interaction with both our customers and our teams in Italy and around the world, so that despite the distance, no one feels isolated and the optimism stays alive.

Already since the lockdown in China, where we have a fantastic team and more than 60 stores, we have encouraged training activities, creative development of solutions and the optimization of sales methods on various digital channels. We have been in constant contact with our customers, safeguarding the one-to-one relationship between the customer and sales assistant.

Since the reopening of the stores on March 11, the year on year sales for that date have increased. In this moment of global crisis, despite the social distancing, the Pinko Family remains united and makes its voice heard, remaining close to customers in Italy and all over the world.

Umberto de Marco, CEO of Yatay

One thing I have learned since the Coronavirus outbreak, is that it’s clear how people are getting used to living with the help of digital tools, to connect with other people and to buy things… During this time, my team and I have been working closer than when we were in the same office! Yatay has always been committed to sustainability: one thing we have always strongly believed in is the power of digital stores, which are more environmentally conscious than physical ones. Our green message needs to be spread around now more than ever.

Lena Evstafieva, Founder of Villa Lena

One of the things we can focus on at the moment is supporting our local community through raising awareness for some of the causes that matter most. At Villa Lena we are supporting with donations and a social media campaign to help raise funds desperately needed to supply intensive care beds and ventilators to hospitals across Italy, especially the main hospital in our beloved Florence.

The best thing that we can do right now in the hospitality industry is stay positive and look ahead to a bright future. At Villa Lena we are excited for what the future holds and will continue to plan some of the special projects that we have in the pipeline for 2020 and beyond. We are fortunate to have a social media presence with which we can still interact with our guests – one of the initiatives we are rolling out at the moment is regular book recommendations from our past artists in residence to inspire and brighten people’s day, even if just a little. We are also excited to try out a series of simple, virtual workshops led by our community of artists giving people ideas on how to get creative in the confines of their own homes.

Marco Cilia, owner and developer of Chapter Roma

As we all in Italy continue to navigate the uncertainty around our everyday lives, the need for community to support each other becomes even more important. Hotels are obviously facing the brunt of being closed and tourism, especially in Italy, is really suffering. It is so sad as for so many of us, travel is a necessary and rewarding part of our lives, but at times like this, community is more important than ever and we know the brotherhood and sisterhood of Chapter Roma will live on. As a team we are staying busy whilst being at home working on the hotel’s next chapter… We have new concepts launching this year collaborating with some of the industry’s finest talent in F&B plus some new design details being created .. watch this space.

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