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Jasmine Hemsley talks about her new Needle and Thread collection and the importance of sustainable clothing

“Sustainability and responsible fashion are the first things I think about when it comes to fashion, and I knew that Needle and Thread’s values ​​matched mine.”

You should definitely have heard of it needle and threadWith Hannah CoffinThe ultra-feminine brand for contemporary women’s fashion, worn by Kate Middleton to Instagram influencers (too many to name).

This month the fashion brand made news when they merged Jasmine Hemsley to create the elemental collection.

The Elemental collection, which is primarily made from recycled materials, is based on the design influences of the five universal elements of space, air, fire, water and earth, which form the basis of Ayurvedic principles.

So what can you expect from the collection? Lavishly decorated and embroidered flowers, birds and constellations, as well as rainbow-colored iridescent sequins made from recycled plastic, which are supposed to capture the flow of the chakras – the energy centers of our body.

Digital Features Editor and Needle and Thread super fan Jenny Proudfoot sat down with Jasmine Hemsley to talk about her new one Needle and thread collection.

Tell me about the Jasmine Hemsley x Needle and Thread HS20 Elemental Collection…

I am very happy to finally talk about this collaboration that has been in the planning for 18 months! The Needle and Thread design team and I worked on a 23-part collection based on my personal inspiration: the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the “knowledge of life” with influences from the chakras and the five universal elements: space Air, fire, water and earth, which form the foundation, for nature as a whole with elaborately embroidered flowers, ornate constellations and the kingfisher – an allusion to my favorite bird, for whom I shared love with my late father 5 years ago.

We have created a really fun and playful collection that stays true to the signature styles of Needle and Thread, along with key pieces embroidered with my mantra – the lively “La Vida Veda”. All of this comes to life in the feminine forms and attention to detail that make them so good.

Jasmine Hemsley opens up about her new Needle and Thread

Chakra sequin long sleeve dress in champagne. Needle and thread.

Talk to me through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda …

Ayurveda is an old holistic health system from India that conveys the knowledge and understanding to create rituals for good health in every aspect of your life: It starts with good, easily digestible, freshly prepared dishes with an emphasis on local, seasonal ingredients. and the rest follows. Ayurveda influences my everyday life in so many ways, from cleaning my tongue in the morning to relaxing before going to bed. Well-being is at the heart of the brand values ​​of Ayurveda and Needle and Thread. So it was a natural fit. When it comes to design, Ayurveda offers a wealth of inspiration and creative interpretations as we literally talk about the elements of life!

What made you choose to work with Needle and Thread?

Needle and thread have caught my eye over the years as creators of beautifully complex and feminine, contemporary designs. I think it’s great that the collections show high-quality craftsmanship in a world of mass fashion. When I first met Hannah Coffin, founder and CEO of Needle and Thread, at an event a few years ago, we shared stories about our love for India. And as we talked more over the years and I learned how much Needle and Thread focus on their social impact through their factories in India and how they strive to switch to sustainable practices throughout the production process, the idea of ​​working together began develop. I was really impressed by the brand’s commitment to creating a more responsible collection and its intention to introduce new innovations to its wider collections. This is also borne out by the fact that Positive Luxury was proud to award Needle and Thread the Butterfly Trust Mark in record time earlier this year for their commitment to a more responsible future.

1585000657 109 Jasmine Hemsley opens up about her new Needle and Thread

Harmony Embellished Ballerina Dress in Champagne. Needle and thread.

What was your favorite part of the creation process?

Can I say every part ?! I have a pretty good imagination, so I was able to bring a beautiful collection to life throughout all parts of the process. I loved working with the design team on everything from mood boards to sketches to the choice of fabrics, sequins and embellishments. The “wow” moment for me was to go to the Needle and Thread showroom for the first time and see the collection patterns. Nothing compares to seeing (and trying on!) The finished product.

The collection is part of Needle and Thread’s commitment to a more responsible future – what does that mean and how important was that for you when working on the collection?

Sustainability and responsible fashion are the first things I think of when it comes to fashion, and I knew Needle and Thread values ​​match mine. The focus of this collection was on reducing the dependency on needle and thread on new plastics and minimizing waste. The brand developed its characteristic fabrics from recycled polyester and developed a closed system with a local sequin manufacturer to produce “recycled” sequins from self-produced plastic waste. By bringing more back into the planet than taking away, Needle and Thread move steadily with each collection towards their goal of being “net positive”.

1585000658 912 Jasmine Hemsley opens up about her new Needle and Thread

Champagne earth garden dress. Needle and thread.

Why should we all be aware of how our clothing materials are covered?

The ecological footprint of fast fashion production is breathtaking. It draws heavily from our planet’s natural resources, and unfortunately, mass-produced clothing that is resold at low prices sends the message to consumers that clothing is disposable, and unfortunately most clothing and textiles simply cannot be recycled environmentally and usually end up in one Landfill. It is important to examine the brands we want to shop with to make sure they are considerate of the planet and the people who make their products. It used to be difficult, but now that no one can deny where this attitude we have had for so long in fast fashion has led brands to strive to improve and become more transparent. With every purchase, agree which values ​​are important to you. Make yourself more aware of the effects of your lifestyle. Needle and Thread’s was founded with the aim of producing high quality and long-lasting investment items. This is still an essential part of your design process. They take a holistic view of their business and have developed a brand-wide sustainability strategy to ensure this. The environmental impact is part of the decision-making process. My HS20 elementary collection with recycled polyester fabrics mixed with recycled plastic sequins shows a more responsible range of raw materials.

How would you describe your personal style?

Let’s just say a friend of mine compares my look to getting dressed in the dark … and somehow getting away with it! I can not help it – I am a magpie for colors, textures, styles, patterns and swing versatile to classic without rethinking. I love mixing old and new pieces, bright colors and patterns. Never a boring day.

1585000658 829 Jasmine Hemsley opens up about her new Needle and Thread

Daffodil Earth Garden Lace Ballerina Dress. Needle and thread.

In which outfit do you feel most comfortable?

If I’m honest, in tracksuits! I work a lot from home and comfort, warmth and lightness are always the key. When I’m on the go, I love wide-leg pants or a long, flowing dress that epitomizes graceful, laid-back chic (while I keep warm – my mind-body type is mostly Vata Dosha, which means I am light get cold and don’t like a draft !!!).

What is your number one style tip?

Enjoy expressing yourself in your dressing room. The clothes you wear have a massive impact on your mood. Wearing cool colors when it’s hot outside, wearing textures in a corporate environment, or wearing a lot of color on a gray winter day increases your energy and that of others. Even a simple chic wardrobe can benefit from the injection of color and pattern. I am thinking of designing your wardrobe like cooking – good ingredients that you love work together in many different configurations to create your distinctive style. When I open my closet in the morning, I like to celebrate every day anew by wearing what fits my feeling – even if it means the same outfit as yesterday!

1585000659 962 Jasmine Hemsley opens up about her new Needle and Thread

Kalptaru bodice and Kalptaru maxi skirt in champagne. Needle and thread.

What is your favorite piece from the new collection?

This is a difficult question when you have designed what you love! I think it’s probably a mistake between the chakra long sleeve dress I wore for my 40th birthday party last month or the chakra ruffled sun dress I can wear all summer! Can you say that i love color

The Jasmine Hemsley x needle and thread collection is now available.

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