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Kate Middleton has overtaken Meghan Markle as the greatest royal fashion influencer

It looks like that Meghan Markle effect could be over now Prince Harry and his wife have started a new life together in Canada.

Last year, the Duchess of Sussex was chosen as the most influential queen in fashion and overtook the Duchess of Cambridge. Now new research shows that the roles have changed again.

Combined by date from LoveTheSales.comFrom 2017 to 2019, when Meghan and Harry became engaged and then married, the search for their style increased by 219%.

Since the so-called Megxit, search queries in the online fashion sector have dropped to only 31%. Searches for Kate’s appearance have now risen to 159%, compared to 119% in recent years.

Aside from the negative assumptions, this could only be because we haven’t seen Meghan Markle on the go so often lately. So there were fewer outfits to look for while Kate Middleton was very active.

Although both Duchesses are still among the most stylish women in the royal family, this is also worth noting Princess Diana has been repeatedly voted the most influential royal woman any times.

To date, she is considered a fashion influence for many, and her style is evident in many fashion collections by designers who are clearly inspired by her.

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