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Meet the bride who forbids alcohol

Would you answer “no” to a friend’s wedding just because he banned alcohol?

Let’s face it, one of the best parts (ok, maybe not the Best of all, but it is definitely an advantage if you are invited to unite two loved ones, the free bar at the front desk. But what if you were invited to an alcohol-free wedding for rather unclear reasons?

Obviously, we love to watch two of our neighbors and loved ones who affirm their love for each other and at the same time prepare to start a new chapter in their life together. It’s just that the wedding is also the first time that you’re likely to be reunited with a lot of old friends, and nothing encourages a big old chase like an all-you-can-drink buffet.

However, if this bride prevails, her guest is actually facing a very dry wedding.

Posting in the chat forum Wedding beeThe bride asked other wedding planners for her thoughts and advice on a non-alcoholic wedding:

“So my fiance and I were Wedding planning like crazy and we’re trying to decide if we really want alcohol at our wedding. The majority of his family can and will drink a TON, and things can escalate quickly. My family is now fine without.

What do you think about a dry wedding? We are aiming for a small wedding in the early afternoon (50 people, mostly family). As I said before, the driving force is that his side of the family can’t always deal with alcohol. It can also save you money. “

As expected, the bride’s question shared the user’s opinion.

“It’s kind of unfair that just because his side of the family can’t control himself, he refuses to let the other guests relax over a drink,” argued one commentator. Another added: “If I knew beforehand that it was dry, I would probably RSVP #.”

One user decided to speak from their own experience on the subject: “I attended my first dry wedding a few weeks ago. Not a fan, ”they revealed.

However, the future bride received support from the online wedding bee community.

“I think it’s very acceptable and doable.” We had a dry afternoon wedding and it didn’t seem like a big deal at all, “one user encouraged.

Another suggested making the wedding a cocktail thing: “I say do it. People can survive an early afternoon party without a drink. Bonus points if you have delicious mocktails. “

In a comment on the numerous responses, the bride wrote: “I plan to have some champagne for a toast, but that’s it. I want to serve some fun drinks in glass bottles, we want a relaxed, rustic, chic theme.”

Then she added: “I noticed that many bees think that a dry wedding is not fun, but you should never need alcohol to have fun. It also has room on a budget for other fun ideas! “

What do you think of a non-alcoholic wedding? Would you skip a loved one big day just because it doesn’t contain alcohol? Tweet us @MarieClaireUK and let us know.

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