Microblading 101: Your crash course in the popular brow treatment

The popular eyebrow fixation is your one-way ticket for thicker, fuller bows

Gone are the days when super-thin, fine brows are thin. Nowadays the trend is the thicker the better. If you want to know how to get thicker brows, then read on, because together with the best forehead products and Eyebrow laminationMicroblading is one of the most popular ways to reinforce your arches.

However, if you’re not up to date on the latest beauty treatments, you may not know exactly how the process works (or, more importantly, whether it’s for you). This is where we come in.

To learn more about microblading for eyebrows, we met with the brewing expert and Browhaus Founder Cynthia Chua to answer all your burning questions about the process.

What is microblading?

“Microblading is a new and updated semi-permanent make-up technique that manually applies pigment to the upper layers of the skin to create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows,” explains Cynthia.

“Depending on the skin type, the effect can last up to 12 to 24 months. After that, the pigment and skin fade and your natural brows stay exactly as they were. The results are very natural and lifelike and give the brows a natural, fuller look. “

What does microblading cost?

Wherever you choose microblading, you’ll probably want to spend more than £ 100 on the process. A quick search on Treatwell shows that prices in London start at around £ 90.

“At Browhaus, we charge £ 550 for the microblading process and £ 73 for aftercare, which we strongly recommend to protect your newly formed brows,” says Cynthia.

Microblading before and after:

We understand it: what you really want to know is what the results actually are appearance to like. As you can see below, microblading makes your brows appear thicker and fuller without looking too “finished” or crowded.

Side effects, the microblading healing process and aftercare

“For the next 10 days after the procedure, you have to keep the brows as dry as possible. No water is allowed in the eyebrow area as this can cause the ink to wash out of the skin.

“In your first session, your body often tries to reject the ink, so you may see a rejection of up to 60-80%.” After 10 days of healing, I would recommend exfoliating the area twice a week to reduce pigment.

“We also recommend avoiding hot holidays that cause excessive sweating and squeeze the ink out of your skin, as well as activities like the gym or saunas.”

When should you get a microblading touch up?

Charges depend entirely on your personal preferences. “If you only had one session, we recommend that you book between six and eight weeks to make sure that all lines and colors are included and that you can make minor changes such as extra strokes,” advises Cynthia.

“Once both sessions are completed, customers can rebook between three months and two years. When it comes to charging, preference matters. “

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