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Princess Diana re-designed the engagement ring Prince Charles gave her

It turns out Meghan Markle may not have been the first royal to change her engagement ring. The Duchess of Sussex swapped her plain gold band to a diamond-encrusted some time between the proposal and the wedding.

Princess Diana apparently also altered her sapphire ring slight after Prince Charles proposed. At the time, it was quite controversial for them to choose a brand new custom ring, rather than a ring chosen from the vast royal jewellery collection.

We all know the ring featured a large oval sapphire, surrounded by 14 diamonds, however few people have spotted a slight change made a few years after the engagement.

Princess Diana re designed the engagement ring Prince Charles gave her

According to HELLO!, originally, the ring featured eight prongs surrounding the sapphire, with two in each corner. A later photograph showed the stone to be surrounded by 14 prongs.

Though no explanation has been given for this, I assume it’s simply to secure the stone more thoroughly to avoid losing it.

The ring has of course since passed down to Prince William, who proposed to his wife Kate with it.

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