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Skin pigmentation products to help fight blemishes, dark spots and dull skin

Want to get rid of pigmentation, blemishes and dark spots? Look to our round-up for the skincare glow-boosters you need

Skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dullness of the complexion are issues a lot of us have to contend with at some point in our lives. But thanks to several innovations in skincare, there are a host of products we can use to help minimize their appearance.

To break down everything you need to know, we spoke to world-renowned, board certified dermatologist Dr Dennis Gross – keep reading to find out more about excessive skin pigmentation and how it can be treated.

Hyperpigmentation causes

‘Melanin is produced by multiple enzymatic functions working together in the skin,’ explains Dr Gross. ‘Hyper pigmentation, melasma and sun spots are the “warning flags” created by your body to inform you that it is injured or under attack.

‘Hyperpigmentation is a deposit of melanin – a protein manufactured by the skin – that goes into the skin like globules and gives way to dark spots, stains and unsightly discoloration. It is brown discoloration that comes in many different forms, including sun spots, age spots, pregnancy mask (melasma), and or freckles.

‘It is a little known fact that people are not born with any types of brown spots or hyperpigmentation, including freckles. It is an excess of sun exposure or any other type of environmental aggressor that brings them out; they appear because of a genetic predisposition. ’

All the more reason why your best sun cream and best SPF moisturisers are so very essential, all year round.

Skin pigmentation treatment

‘You can treat hyperpigmentation with high-powered active ingredients and in-office procedures,’ Dr Gross tells us. ‘Professional chemical peels, like my in-office Alpha Beta Peel, and lasers are commonly used to treat hyperpigmentation.

‘IPL laser involves light-based energy pulsed onto the skin while simultaneously targeting blood vessels. The light seeks out the discoloration in the skin to lift it up and out. ’

With this advice in mind, keep scrolling for our favorite creams, serums and treatments that can help tackle pigmentation.

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