So detoxify your wardrobe now

After three weeks of self-isolation, now is the perfect time to give your wardrobe a good detox by clearing out the items of clothing that you no longer wear and keeping those that will last for the coming seasons.

I asked Charlotte Warburton, who runs a personal styling concierge service that helps customers optimize their wardrobe and get pieces forever to share their tips. If you need additional help, she is now holding one-on-one meetings with her customers that you can conduct book here.

How to detoxify your wardrobe

Step 1: Let yourself be inspired by Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City – You have to create 5 areas next to your wardrobe.
– KEEP: for items that can go straight back to your closet.
– MAYBE: For those sentimental pieces that you may want to end up going through just in case you feel like it’s time to let go.
– CHARITY: for the pieces you know need to go, but someone else might appreciate it.
– SELL: Depending on how savvy you want to be, the option to sell is a great way to create another budget to buy your new wardrobe.
– “THE BIN”: for the parts that have to go.

Step 2: Organize your current wardrobe into categories, see below:
– Coats & Jackets, Shirts & Tops, Sweaters & Knitwear, Pants, Jeans, Sportswear, Lounge Wear, Shoes, Underwear & Socks!

Step 3: Start detoxifying
– Go category by category, try to be as ruthless as possible.
– Fold as you go – makes it much easier on the other end.
– With my ‘Edit 27 essential wardrobes‘Count the items you already have from each category, so you can see how many you have from each category. This is important because it shows the parts that you are missing and the parts that you do not need to prioritize. Even if you re-create your wardrobe, you should try to do this in the most sustainable way possible during this process.

Step 4: Reorganize
– Anything you keep, put it back in your closet and keep the categories together.
– Put everything that is ready for the trash in a bag, remember many of your items of clothing that you can recycle and take to the clothing banks. So keep this in mind when disposing of items.
– Everything for charity may need to be wrapped up in the current climate until we are able to go to our local charity shop.
– Everything in the sales pile, even if you may not be able to go to the post office at the moment to sell. One of the most time-consuming tasks is taking pictures of objects, noting sizes, materials, and uploading them to resale sights. Most of them allow you to create drafts. Once we can all move, you can activate and sell them to refund the purchases made in the meantime. I recommend eBay & Depop.
– Finally, maybe the stack, go through it again – if an item is sentimental, I would keep it, I even have a few! If you haven’t worn it last year, you’ll wear it again.

Wardrobe detoxification

– When the evacuation is complete and you want to be particularly well organized, clean up your wardrobe (a tip from my mother) to detoxify it additionally!

– Chuck all the hangers that are on their last legs, remember if plastic, they can be recycled!

– Fold all of the garments again when some items are on a shelf and may be wrinkled.

– If it doesn’t fit, don’t hold it unless you really can’t stand letting go. You will find something else that fits better and that you will actually wear.

– If the items are discolored or faded, remove them and buy them again. Start the new season with a new one. However, there is also the possibility to recolour items like a favorite pair of jeans. You can order the dye directly to your home!

– Don’t hold on to anything if you’re even discussing whether it’s back in fashion. It will most likely, but it will be updated easily. If I were a high-end designer, I would stick to it, but if it is a high street, you will get rid of it!

– If you have enough space, creating a wardrobe for spring / summer and autumn / winter can be quite satisfactory.

– If you put everything back in your closet, I would recommend leaving it in the categories above. Finding items is much easier!

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