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The best cleansing shampoo for the cleanest hair of your life

Although the best cleansing shampoo is an important hair care step, you may not even know what this potion does. However, pack the right one and this could change your hair routine forever.

Everyone should use a cleansing shampoo from time to time – they work to remove product build-up, minerals with hard water, excess oil and fat, and environmental pollutants from the hair (to name just a few applications).

Fascinated? Read the best clarifying shampoo in your guide, from use to top purchases on the market.

What is a clarifying shampoo? How does it work?

“Clarifying shampoos are designed to remove stubborn deposits from your hair. Think of the common offenders such as excess oils, environmental irritants, mineral deposits from hard water, pollutants, chlorine and other chemicals that stick to your hair,” explains Debby Vellozzi, product development Vitrue expert. “We recommend a cleansing shampoo that doesn’t remove moisture from your hair.”

The “Virtue” Refresh Purify Shampoo was developed to gently remove impurities that can weigh down hair and make it lifeless. It removes excess sebum, deposits and impurities without removing natural essential oils from the scalp or hair. We consider it a “weekly reset” of your hair. “

Virtue Refresh Purifying Shampoo, £ 26, iconic beauty

best clarifying shampoo

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How often should you use clarifying shampoo?

“The great thing about clarifying shampoos is that you can use these pre-chemical treatments to start with a fresh base, or when your hair just doesn’t behave and you need a reset,” explains Debby. “At Virtue, we recommend using our Refresh Purify Shampoo once a week or more often if necessary.”

Clarfying shampoo can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Before coloring your hair: If the color is to penetrate the hair shaft, nothing can stand in the way after using a clarifying shampoo, such as dirt and product accumulations.
  • Before using the best hair mask: As above – If you want the super nutritious ingredients to work, you need to clear the area of ​​dirt and debris.
  • If you live in a city: Unfortunately, like your skin, your hair is exposed to dirt particles, which means that your curls look lifeless and dull. The best cleaning shampoo will correct that.

Can you use clarifying shampoo for colored hair?

“Yes, a clarifying shampoo will benefit your hair as long as you don’t overdo it,” Debby confirms. “Virtues Refresh Purify Shampoo is ideal for use with pre-colors to remove impurities from your hair. However, do not clean your hair after a fresh color within the first week.”

Below is an overview of the best purchases.

Best clarifying shampoo for colored hair

Pureology Purify Color Care Shampoo, £ 19.95, Lookfantastic

best clarifying shampoo for colored hair

The eternal struggle with colored hair is that you want to give your hair a good, thorough cleanse, but you don’t want to remove any color from your curls either. What can a girl do?

In about 75% of cases, clarifying shampoo should not be used for hair colors, as it strips off part of the color. No doubt you want to extend your color as long as possible instead of washing it in the drain. However, there are some formulas that are gentle enough to apply to colored hair.

Even better, some have been specifically designed to match the needs of clarifying needs and colored hair. The Purify shampoo from Pureology ensures a perfect balance with a sulfate-free mixture of tea tree and witch hazel, with which you can reset your roots – without endangering your color. Because the last thing you want is to undo the hard work of your colorist …

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Best clarifying shampoo for curly hair

Oribe The Cleanse Clarifying Shampoo, £ 40, Net-A-Porter

best clarifying shampoo Oribe

Orbie is loved by supermodels and stylists alike and is a brand with hella hair authority. The clarifying shampoo is filled with naturally detoxifying ingredients such as eucalyptus, green tea and seaweed extract to clean the hair and make it fresh.

What makes it one of the biggest Products for curly hair is that the natural essential oils of your locks are not removed, which means that your curls keep their shape and bounce off after washing. Nobody has ever dreamed of having sagging and lifeless looking curls. Curlies should try that too preferably sulfate-free Shampoo too.

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Best clarifying shampoo for dry hair

Moroccanoil CLARIFY Clarifying Shampoo, £ 18.95, Lookfantastic

best clarifying shampoo

If you suffer with very dry hair, we would not blame you for worrying that a cleansing shampoo would only make the situation worse. However, if you limit your cleaning detergents to a few times a month, your hair will be sufficient without thorough cleaning. It looks and feels like a haystack.

Don’t worry, because the nutritious heroes Moroccanoil have a clarifying formula at hand for your hair type. Your CLARIFY shampoo not only cleans the hair thoroughly and removes all types of impurities, but also contains argan and avocado oils to keep the hair soft and smooth.

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Scroll through our summary below to find the perfect cleansing shampoo for your hair type. Product structure, be away …

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