The best facials in London for relaxation or complexion

Whether you live and work in the city all day or need a little downtime, the best facials in London are a must on your radar.

They are a great way to get things done by you best face masks To get more intense results, we searched the city from east to west to provide you with the final guide to the best facials and treatment options in town.

For a few weeks now I have made it my life’s work to find something the Best facials in London, whether the ultimate goal is clearer skin, a more radiant and firmer complexion or just a relaxation of the mind. But a girl only has a face and skin type, so I got the help of the most reliable guinea pigs I know – the MC Digital team.

Getting monthly facials would be a dream, but in reality, it’s a treat you save on. So consider them the ones worth stowing away your penny when it’s time to treat yourself. You deserve it.

Hiro Miyoshi Japanese facial massage The Ritz London Best facial in London

“It’s no secret that I love a facial. And I’m very happy that I was able to try out some of the best facials in London. What makes a good facial? I want relaxation for me, but that’s not my main priority. I want to lift, occasionally I want to extract. I want to go with glowing skin that’s lifted up and smooth – and I want people to notice it. So with such a long list, it’s no surprise that sometimes some facials are so relaxing they may be, don’t cut the mustard. “

“If your facial checklist is similar to mine, you need to book with Hiro Miyoshi at The Ritz London to try the 60-minute Japanese facial massage. Hiro, an award-winning stylist and colorist, opened the room in 2018 and is known for his Omontenashi philosophy that simply brings out the spirit of Japanese hospitality. So the room offers some peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the capital. “

What to expect:

60 minute facial massage and lymphatic drainage for instant lifting and more definition with Japanese facial shaping techniques. This non-invasive face shaping technique improves blood circulation and the massage stimulates the skin layers to switch to the rejuvenation mode and at the same time promote firmness. “

“My massage therapist started with small but deliberate movements on my eyebrows and then worked my way over my face. She focused on one side of my face. The difference on both sides of my face was immediately noticeable. These techniques actually work. And if you’re smart, you’ll charge at home every night. “

“Stretch your index and middle fingers down so that your ankles form a V-shape. Knead and massage with this V along the jaw up towards the ear. Bring the V down your neck, over your collarbone and under your armpit, where the lymph nodes drain. “

Book now: Japanese facial massage with Hiro Miyoshi at The Ritz London, £ 145

best facials london

“There is a spiral staircase in the incredibly chic Alex Eagle Studio, a fashion and design boutique like no other in the middle of Soho. Downstairs you will find Skinwork – the dreamy, stress-relieving skin clinic that believes in the profitable combination of results and Relaxation. They have a clear treatment list that contains everything you could need for good, healthy skin, including galvanic current work – your signature.

“However, it is their new Speedy Skinwork treatments that we loved. In just 25 minutes you will find a solution to your skin’s needs, with no downtime.

“I came in with skin so clogged after going to a festival last week that my chin started to resemble a small alpine mountain range. My therapist quickly diagnosed my needs after an initial consultation and then looked closely at my complexion under a bright lamp. It was decided that I needed a mix of facial massage, microdermabrasion, and vacuum suction, followed by an exfoliation to decongest my unfortunate pores and LED light therapy to soothe and stimulate collagen production.

“After only 25 minutes it was like I wasn’t at the festival at all.” My days when I removed my make-up with a facial tissue, didn’t drink enough water and hardly forgot enough sleep. Just like that.’ – Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor

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best facials London Dr. Dennis Gross

“I’m obsessed with Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care – the Alpha Beta Daily Peel Pads are crazy, the Hyaluronic Marine Collection makes my skin beautifully firm, but nothing has changed my life more than the Alpha Beta Glow Pads. Imagine my joy when I found out that Dr. Dennis Gross facials are finally coming to the UK, exclusively in the new Harrods Hair & Beauty Salon.

“When I entered I knew I was in good hands. The client who had the treatment in front of me came out and looked as if she had it best tan in London. It started, like most facials, with a thorough facial cleansing to get rid of makeup, dirt, grime, grime, etc. This is followed by one of her famous peels, which behaves similarly to the alpha beta peeling pads, but a revised version. It smoothes rough textures, minimizes fine lines, pores and discolouration and frankly shows one of the best lights I’ve ever seen. Then integrate your FaceWare PRO – one of the best beauty gadgets That came out at the end of last year – a full-face LED treatment with red and blue light to relieve inflammation, acne and elasticity. An additional thumbs up from me shows that this is also the only facial treatment where I was offered a sun protection factor as the last step. This is important when you do a peel or chemical peel. I am surprised that more places don’t offer this.

“If you need a boost in confidence, I can’t recommend this enough.” I came out without makeup and looked like I had just come back from a week on the beach. ” Katie Thomas – Senior Beauty Editor

How much is it?

£ 110 for 50 minutes.

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best facials London ESPA Life Corinthia

“The first thing you need to know about this seriously relaxing facial – and boy, is it a good one – is that the price includes an hour of chill in the ESPA life in Corinth Facilities in advance. That is steam bath, sauna, chill, the work. I had to check that my booking confirmation email was not too good to be true. As someone who really has a hard time switching off, this alone is an incredibly good value because you have already calmed down considerably when you go to the facial. I could just pack up there and finish the review, but I won’t.

“Next comes a thorough skin analysis under a UV lamp in one of the treatment capsules, then a fragrant combination of triple cleansing, steaming and extraction (which you hardly notice because you are too zen), followed by a treatment mask. It is a facial, so facial massage and lymphatic drainage are required, but you will also be treated a little with a massage on the head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, and with an exfoliation of the latter two.

You know when you remember the facial, but you were so relaxed that you didn’t do it at the same time because you were floating on a cloud somewhere? Yes. The. I already have ESPA life deprivation syndrome and I urgently need to go back to find another solution. “- Lucy Abbersteen, digital beauty writer

How much is it?

£ 140 for 60 minutes or £ 190 for 90 minutes in Corinthia London

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1585294599 682 The best facials in London for relaxation or

“A gentle-gentle-relaxing facial is all well and good (sometimes it’s exactly what you need if you massage your face gently into sleep disorders), but if your skin can only be called” meh “and your eyes lines show who won don’t disappear, even if you have no emotions, you need a SERIOUS FACE.

“Since I am not ready to go the surgical route, Dr. Preema’s fusion treatments are exactly what my skin needs.” The ultimate non-surgical “#noskin filter” facial is the idea that you work with your therapist (thank you Yvonne!) To customize your facial to suit your personal skin needs and layer treatments with instant results that don’t require downtime.

“Because I am a demanding Veruca salt when it comes to treatments, I wanted to lift, tighten, smooth, hydrate.” and Brighten my skin, so iS Clinical Fire & Ice Radiance Boosting Peeling and the Intraceuticals Signature Oxygen Facial Ultra Hydration Glow blend (where cool, soothing pressurized oxygen is spread over your skin to dry, dehydrated and prematurely aging skin) is recommended treat) rehydrate and rehydrate Add bounce to my clearly lacking buoyancy skin.

“Don’t be afraid of the” peeling “aspect of the facial. It’s not PEEL peel. It is a safe, mild variant with fruit enzymes that effectively remove the top layer of the epidermis and create a “superficial trauma” to the skin to revitalize your natural collagen production (less than 5 minutes) and help lines, wrinkles and minimize pores. After applying the mask, I felt a hot, slight tingling sensation, which was to be expected, but then after removing the product, my skin was quickly neutralized before the ice aspect set in: effectively a rejuvenating filling mask filled with hyaluronic acid.

True to the promise of “no downtime”, my skin was soft, radiant and I dare say to look plumper. I wore no makeup for the rest of the day (I had so little redness after exfoliating) and noticed that the smoothing, moisturizing effect of the facial continued throughout the week. It’s awesome (well, Dr. Preema and her team are) … “- Holly Rains – publisher

How much is it?

£ 225 for 90 minutes at Dr. London’s clinic Preema

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best facials London Sisley Claridges

“I had always heard great things about Sisley Paris. When I got the chance to try her signature facial on Claridge, I took the chance.” I would recommend arriving earlier to get the most out of the stunning dressing room (literally an Instagram gold mine) and spend some time with a coffee in your fluffy robe and soft slippers. But that was nothing compared to the following 60 minutes of pure relaxation. I’m generally a pretty tense person, but this treatment took me out in seconds.

“Sisley is known for its scientific approach, which uses only the best natural ingredients. After I decided that my treatment should focus on hydration, my facial doctor decided on the right plant extracts and essential oils for my skin. Then came my characteristic facial, which was specially tailored to my skin and its needs. Lavender, rosemary, sage, geranium – you call it an essential oil, it came to my skin in the form of gentle cleansers, serums and peels.

“The highlight was the nourishing mask that was literally tied to my face, and while it was sinking in, I was treated to a surprising foot massage. It was pure luxury and I left the spa much more relaxed, not to mention that my skin was shining.

“This type of facial is ideal for me. It was not very informative and no skin advice. But that’s not why I left, and it’s not what I’m personally looking for in a facial. I don’t need anyone to tell me about my skin, I just have to relax and let myself be pampered, something it offers in spades. If you want to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of your complexion or if you want to try the wall methods and violent extractions, this is not the right treatment for you. But if, like me, you are lying on a warm bed and want to switch off for an hour while an experienced facial doctor calms your senses and nourishes your skin with the most luxurious oils, look no further. Can I have one more now? “- Jenny Proudfoot, Junior Digital News Editor

How much is it?

£ 120 for 60 minutes or £ 165 for 90 minutes at Claridge

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best facials in London

“For the uninitiated, Omorovicza are skin care donors. Omorovicza’s products and facials (I see you as an elemental emulsion and your eternal waiting list …) were designed in Budapest and use the infamous “healing powers” of the Hungarian thermal water. They were a cornerstone of my ever-evolving beauty routine. They look great, smell great, work great and have never caused my unruly skin breakout.

“The Omorovicza treatment rooms are in the heart of the Liberty store and look like little slices of Budapest. They are peaceful, dimly lit (nobody wants a facial with a side order of fluorescent stripes) and smell incredible thanks to the unique blends that subtly flood the air.

After an initial skin consultation (I wanted moisture and shine), I opted for the Illumination facial, which all sounded a lot like Harry Potter, so I was there for it. I was so thoroughly relaxed that the many different elements of the facial melted into an hour of bliss on the face, but the characteristic element is a gentle copper bowl (don’t let the slight tingling worry you, my skin showed no signs of redness after it was finished) and an energizing facial massage, of which I was convinced, made my skin more buoyant. And of course plenty of splashes of the cult queen of Hungary crap in between.

After a short hit from SPF for the trip home, the facial was over. My skin looked damp, plump and yes, radiant. With no signs of irritation or redness, this facial is a must for skin strengthening before the event. Omorovicza, I bow. “- Holly Rains, editor

How much is it?

£ 125 for 60 minutes at Liberty London, redeemable for Omorovicza products that day

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best facials london kate kerr

“The face legend Kate Kerr and her right wife Michelle (with whom I met) live in Mondrian London and look out over the Thames. It should be noted from the start that this is a thorough skin care session. So if you are just looking for relaxation, there is much more to this facial than that. Michelle and I discussed my complexion in detail and then she got stuck. After a thorough deep cleansing, she selected treatment masks by hand to combat the constipation of my skin and to lighten the overall tone. Then she got to work and really paid attention to every area of ​​my face when it came to the extraction, not just the nose and chin.

“The treatment rooms are very chic and minimalist, and Zen music is played throughout the duration of your treatment – not too thin, not too over the top, and not too” pink-plonky “- which really helps me to leave the zone.” while someone is sorting out my face. If you want your skin to be thoroughly analyzed, the complexion cleansed to look healthier and more radiant, and in the end, a bespoke skin care routine is used for booting, this is for you. You will understand your skin so much better when you leave and I cannot recommend Michelle enough, both as a beautician and for a chat! “- Lucy Abbersteen, digital beauty writer

How much is it?

From £ 150 or £ 230 with Kate Kerr himself, Mondrian London

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best facials in London

“If blackheads are your greatest suffering for the skin, this treatment is one of the great strengths when it comes to thoroughly cleaning the skin. My current husband’s nose REALLY needed to be cleaned before our wedding day, so he was the perfect candidate to test Eve Lom’s ultimate cleanse. It is quite unique in that the treatment involves applying hot paraffin wax to the skin to warm the skin, which in turn really opens your pores so the therapist can get all of the accumulated mass out. And they really, really layer the wax. It feels pretty strange at first, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before, but the warmth of is soothing and therapeutic. The wax is essentially painted with a brush in rhythmic movements and feels like pure heaven.

“Once your skin is ready (also known as perfectly warmed), your pores are basically the most open they will ever have, which means that the therapist has easy access to all of the discomfort.” When you think about how much pressure you normally need to exert to remove blackheads, the opposite is true after waxing – almost no pressure is needed. To ensure that the skin stays warm, the therapist tears off the wax piece by piece and only works on small areas. It is called the ultimate cleaning and that is exactly what it is. If someone needs a thorough skin cleanse (and the men who don’t harm their skin), it is IT. “- Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor

How much is it?

£ 100 for 60 minutes, Sanderson London

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best facials in London Decleor

“As with all Decleor treatments, this facial started with a back diagnosis (carry with me). The therapist looks at your back to find out why your skin behaves in a certain way by gently stimulating pressure and reflex points. This showed that I was stressed and hormonal because my lower back was quite hot (I was actually close to my period). I honestly found it fascinating because I believe that the way to great skin is to understand how it behaves. This was followed by cleaning, a lymphatic drainage massage to remove toxins and dirt and replenish moisture. The rest are tailored to your skin problems, and since mine was clogged, I had a cleansing mask and scrub to remove dead skin cells.

“My skin obviously felt fantastic afterwards – radiant and smooth – but I loved that it was a super relaxing experience overall.” While Decleor products work hard tonight on the harmful effects of pollution, the therapist massages everything from my face to my shoulders and limbs, really relieving tension. Because how can your face shine when the rest of your body is tense? “- Penny Goldstone, digital fashion editor

How much is it?

£ 75 for 75 minutes at the Decléor Day Boutique and Day Spa, also nationwide

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best facials London Elemis

After talking to my ELEMIS therapist about my skin problems over a hot cup of tea, she put me in front of a machine that scanned and analyzed my face to find out what my problems were. After having a better idea of ​​what my skin needed, she told me that the Biotec Radiance Renew Facial was the ideal one because it was supposed to balance your skin tone, restore radiance and reduce dark circles (all things that I had problems with) in marked our advice). It included a facial massage, ultrasound peeling technology – this electronic spatula that feels strange as if it’s shaving your face but miraculously removes dead skin – and its radiation activator filled with antioxidants. Hyaluronic acid and Peptides that made me glow for days. The entire session ended with a cooling gel mask.

“Although it was super relaxing, of course, I thought it was really great that the main focus was on helping me get the best possible skin – both during the session and in the future when I left.” It really felt like a mixture of a pampering session and a consultation with a skin specialist. So it’s perfect for those who are serious and want to nail down their skin care routine. The ultrasound peeling was also intimidating at first (it hums like crazy and stings a little), but it worked wonders.

“I literally never lit up like this in my life and I had a pretty dark, hungover weekend. I thought it was really great that not only did they take my problems into account, but my therapist really took the time to help me at home – since my skin was relatively dry, she recommended that I start cleaning the oil, and then gave me a little card to end with a suggested skin care routine moving forward. Just so great. “- Megan C. Hills, digital lifestyle writer

How much is it?

£ 110 for 60 minutes or £ 160 for 90 minutes at the House of Elemis

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best facials London Sunday Riley

“There are three reasons why you should get a Riley facial on Sunday at the Hershesons salon on Sunday. 1) Because you go out with skin that is so happy, springy and radiant that it sings practically. 2) Because this is the only place in the world (yah huh) where you can get Sunday Riley treatment. 3) Because of Iris.

“It’s not often that I tell people about the therapist to have a facial.” Usually my recommendations are result-oriented. Don’t get me wrong, this facial gives good – no, great – results, but I have to tell you that Iris had me on hello. She asked me about every product I use, wanted to know how often and when I use it. She does this because she wants to know what your skin is used to and what it can and cannot do.

“The facial treatment itself is partly relaxation – the cleaning, the mask, the lymphatic facial massage, the funny babble with iris and partly punch – a combination of red light LED and cryotherapy. Don’t worry about the LED that boosts collagen at all – you can’t feel anything, and meanwhile Iris is on the bottom of the huge bed, releasing tension from your toes.

“But cryotherapy, cryotherapy took my breath away. Not because it was painful, because it is so damn cold and my body does this funny thing when it is super cold – it is as if it was confused and forgot how to work. I’ve done cryotherapy chambers before and then the same thing happened, I couldn’t regulate my breath. I had to close my eyes and tell myself to breathe in and out. But don’t panic, because Iris is there all the time and makes you laugh and makes you feel so comfortable.

“If she blew your face down with air below zero, give your face a little touch. You won’t believe how cold it is.” But this cold fights signs of inflammation, so everything is fine. Iris then applies your favorite Sunday Riley products and you’re good to go. If you sit up, you will notice the change. You’re a little pink (in a good way) and a little tighter. And you will smile because Iris is by your side. “- Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor

How much is it?

£ 120 for 1 hour at Hershesons London

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best facials London Su-Man

“Su-Mans facial is legendary” is the opening line in the “About” section of the Su-Man website. Punchy? Yes. Hyperbole? Absolutely not. In fact, it is impossible not to get beyond the area of ​​exaggeration when talking about this facial. “This was a life-changing experience,” “Su-Man has magical hands / is a magician” – all words that left my mouth after this treatment.

“That’s it for me now. I keep thinking,” How will I ever go back to a “normal” facial? “I’m really done. I’m now referring to the time BS and AS (before Su-Man and after Su-Man) It is 2018 AS and I worship at the Su-Man Altar.

The background of Su-Man is shiatsu, dance and pilates. As you can imagine, the facial is peppered with targeted massages and relaxations that are tailored to your individual needs. After my neck and shoulders were worked on – all the tension builds up on your neck and jaw – my ears were massaged to stimulate the lymphatic drainage with the most beautiful products. From the watermelon-based gel cleaner to the mask I craved for chocolate cake, everything was divine.

“Su-Man gives you a mirror to see the results for yourself. It’s like time stands still. And if you are something like me and hate looking in the mirror, take the mirror with caution. But still you sit there, mirror in your hand and really look at yourself. REALLY look at yourself. Part of the Su-Man philosophy is not just looking good, but feeling good too. Maybe it was her super soothing and caring nature that rubbed off me, or maybe because she told me my skin was great, but when I look in the mirror, I think, okay, I look okay. Actually it scratches, I look good.

The day I woke up, I took a double picture after walking past my bathroom mirror. Wait a minute, does my jaw look more defined? I stroke my jaw to make sure it’s real.

“Later I sit at the dining table and my hand brushes against my chin. ‘What Has did she put in my face? “, I think to myself. “Maybe she’s a sorceress?”

“Can a facial be a life-changing experience? I think so…’ – Sunil Makan, co-editor

How much is it?

£ 250 at Agua Spa, Sanderson London; Call 020 7300 1414 to book now

Mortar and milk

“In the quiet location on Fulham Road, magic happens when it comes to that Mortar & milk. The retail store with carefully selected high street brands and treatment rooms offers the relaxed atmosphere in which you want to stay and hang out all day. It’s all up to the couple Pamela and Nick, the brains behind Mortar & Milk.

“If you’re looking for a gigantic spa with pool and bathrobe to transform into, you’re in the wrong place, but if you’re leaving with more radiant skin and a better understanding of what’s really going on with your skin, then you are are you treated right here. Pam is the queen of the skin. What she doesn’t know is not worth knowing, especially if you have acne. This would definitely be Pam’s mastermind specialty. As a clinical beautician, for those of you who don’t know, I want to break down the highest level of skin care education in the country right now. It is not so much beauty therapy, but rather focuses on the science of the skin. Uh yes please.

“The consultation does not start for the faint-hearted with a lifestyle analysis that shows how often you wash your bedding and how regular your bowel movements are, really! But it is this attention to detail that counts and tailors the facial to your specific needs. Pamela believes that gut health is the key to happy skin, and after spending time with her, we can’t agree! Seien Sie nicht überrascht, wenn Sie anfangen, Notizen auf Ihrem Telefon zu machen, wie ich es getan habe, als sie Ihnen erklärt, wo Sie mit Ihrer Hautpflege-Routine falsch liegen.

„Erwarten Sie nach dem Chat detaillierte 2D-Fotos mit einer speziellen Kamera, die alles zeigen, wie dehydriert Ihre Haut ist, und was in den tieferen Hautschichten wirklich vor sich geht, hallo Pigmentierung. Gefolgt von dem aufschlussreichsten Gespräch über Inhaltsstoffe mit Molekulargewicht, wird es blasen. Ihre. Verstand. Das können Sie mir glauben.

“Die Behandlung ist zwar entspannend, aber es ist die Art von Gesichtsbehandlung, die wirklich schmutzig wird, Extraktionen, Säuren und Masken viel.” Um ehrlich zu sein, wollen wir, ich kann mir selbst etwas Creme ins Gesicht schlagen. Vielen Dank, aber die Art und Weise, wie ein Experte mit Ihrer Haut umgeht und ausbricht, ist ganz anders. Pam führt Sie auf die freundlichste und ruhigste Weise durch jede Phase, sodass Sie sich sofort wohl fühlen.

“Sie werden mit einer maßgeschneiderten, aber einfachen Hautpflege-Routine davonkommen, die Sie nie belastet hat, und mit glücklicher Haut.” Oh und eine Sucht nach dem Populären Excuviance Bio Tonic Pads oben im Laden bestückt. Dies ist wie eine Gesichtsbehandlung wie keine andere und ich hatte mehr als meinen gerechten Anteil, lassen Sie mich Ihnen sagen. Ja, die Erfahrung ist teuer, aber es handelt sich um eine vollständig maßgeschneiderte Behandlung, die ergebnisorientiert ist. Der eigentliche Nachteil ist, dass Sie nie wieder eine Standard-Gesichtsbehandlung durchführen können. Sag nicht, dass ich dich nicht gewarnt habe. “- Lucia Debieux – Fashion Editor

Wie viel kostet das?

Ab £ 275 mit Senior Therapist und £ 350 mit Pamela rufen Sie 020 7731 3415 an, um zu buchen

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Egal für welches Sie sich entscheiden, Sie werden verwöhnt.

Wir versprechen.

Die besten Gesichtsbehandlungen für Männer

Thai Square Spa

Probieren Sie die Thai Lotus Defense Facial, bei der Traditionen und Techniken der Thai-Massage mit luxuriösen Produkten kombiniert werden, um der Haut Glanz und Vitalität zu verleihen. Thai Lotus, ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der östlichen Kultur, wird verwendet, um Feuchtigkeit zu spenden und vor Verschmutzung zu schützen, sodass es sich jugendlich, gesund und strahlend anfühlt – und eignet sich auch für die empfindlichste Haut.

Unterhalb einer Londoner Straße direkt am Trafalgar Square befindet sich ein luxuriöses, grottenartiges Spa, das einige der besten Behandlungen bietet, die London zu bieten hat. Beeinflusst von bewährten thailändischen, römischen und türkischen Techniken ist es das perfekte Mini-Refugium, wenn Sie sich entspannt und restauriert fühlen möchten.

Seien Sie sicher, dass Sie früh dort sind, um eine kurze Zeit im von Steinen gesäumten Entspannungsbereich bei Kerzenschein zu verbringen. Nur zehn Minuten, um meditative Musik mit einer Tasse Kräutertee zu hören, waren alles, was nötig war, um uns auf die Hektik vor uns vorzubereiten.

Das Spa bietet auch eine breite Palette an Behandlungen, von einfachen Mani-Pedi-Behandlungen über Ganzkörper- und Haarbehandlungen bis hin zur Salzhaus-Therapie im Himalaya – hervorragend für Atemwegserkrankungen wie Asthma und Sinusitis.

Wie viel kostet das?

£ 85 für 1 Stunde

Buchen Sie jetzt

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