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The best hair conditioner for your hair type – your one-way ticket for silky hair

I would guess that at least half of all women go through their best hair conditioner twice as fast as shampoo. And considering that conditioners are usually a little more expensive, you want to be sure that it’s a formula that does the job right for your hair type.

Read on as Marie Claire Beauty editors list the best hair conditioner formulas you can buy for money by hair type.

How does the hair care product work?

“Conditioner is a moisturizer that replenishes the moisture in the hair after cleaning,” explains Antony Rawlings, creative director of the Redken salon Lockonego London. “It’s worth noting that conditioners alone don’t improve hair health – just the look and manageability. Conditioners help to close the cuticles.

“A tip when using is brushing through, as this further facilitates closing the cuticle and thus improves manageability. Conditioners also focus on appearance, leaving hair soft and shiny. “

How to choose a conditioner for your hair type

“Quite simply, you need to choose a conditioner based on the weight and thickness of your hair,” says Antony. “Prescriptive conditioners help improve manageability and offer solutions. For example, if you suffer from frizz, you should use a conditioner that specifically addresses this, such as: Reject the Redken Frizz Conditioner.

“If you find that your hair is dry and malnourished – as a result of the cold weather or excessive use of heat styling tools during the party season – you should use a conditioner that is full of protein and moisturizers like argan oil. I would recommend Redken All Soft Conditioner for this.’

Best left in conditioner

OUAI Leave In Conditioner, £ 22, Lookfantastic

best conditioner leave-in ouai

While you can leave one of the best hair masks Wash out overnight and the next day, sometimes you need a quicker route to softer hair. Enter leave-in conditioner. OUAI’s Leave In Conditioner (formerly Smooth Spray) was founded by Jen Atkin, hairdresser and BFF of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, hair before blow drying. Try the for medium to thick or coarse hair types best hair oil for another vacation in a moisturizing option.

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Best conditioner for dry hair

Aveda Sap Moss Weightless Hydration Conditoner, £ 23.50, Fabelt

best conditioner for dry hair Aveda

Aveda’s latest product launch is the perfect antidote to a dry and thirsty haystack. It may look a bit like mayonnaise, but it’s a dreamy conditioner. It gives your hair light moisture, keeps it soft and frizzy and detangles it perfectly for bouncy and knot-free hair. And of course it has the typical Aveda fragrance “pure smoke”, so you spend a lot of time resisting the urge to sniff your freshly washed hair.

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Best conditioner for bleached hair

Davines Alchemic Conditioner, £ 19.80, cult beauty

best hair conditioner Davines Alchemic Conditioner

In addition to repairing damage, the top priority for bleach blonde hair is to keep it silvery fresh and not look brassy. Aura Friedman, the extraordinary hair color Leighton Meester’s platinum blonde hair, recommended this formula for those who want to feed bleach locks, so you knows It is a winner.

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Best conditioner for curly hair

Sachajuan Curl Conditioner, £ 22, Fabelt

best hair conditioner sachajuan curl conditioner

This conditioner is the best of the best for curly hair. With curls, the hair structure means that the natural oils find it more difficult to move the length of the hair shaft, which usually makes the ends somewhat dead and brittle. The Sachajuan Curl Conditioner brings moisture back the full length of your hair and maximizes its shine and bounce. In addition, the scent of the Ocean Silk Complex is incredible. I really wish they would make a perfume out of it.

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Best conditioner for damaged hair

Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Conditioner, £ 48, Space NK

best conditioner hair oribe

I know, I know, that’s a lot for a bottle of conditioner, but when you’re ready to invest the silky sheen, it’s really a dream for your hair – even if it’s kept for treatment days. It contains hair-loving ingredients such as argan, passion fruit and cypress and a UV filter that protects your hair from environmental influences after washing.

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