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The best hair dryers for the perfect blowout every time

They’re a tool that can make or break a hairstyle, so it’s important that the one you rely on is of the best hair dryers that money can buy.

The truth is that while most hair dryers look very similar, they weren’t all created equal, and some will be better suited to your hair type than others.

Before we continue, let’s recap the basics of drying and heat styling. We spoke to ghd’s Global Ambassador, Adam Reed to ask: ‘how do you blow dry your hair properly?’

How to blow dry hair according to an expert

First thing’s first, resist the temptation to reach for the brush before you dry, as you shouldn’t brush your hair while it’s wet. Adam advises that your hair is actually 85% dry before you start styling it with your dryer.

‘Style your hair on a medium setting and only use the hotter setting for the finishing touches,’ he says. ‘Once you’re done styling, seal the hair using the cool setting for a super-smooth look.’

And, we hate to break it to you, but you’ve probably been drying your hair wrong your whole life. ‘Many women move the dryer back and forth, up and down each section of the hair, or just hold the dryer in one place – that’s wrong!’ says Adam.

‘Continually follow the brush, with the nozzle of the dryer facing in the direction of the brush.’ And of course, the bigger the brush, the better the finish and bounce.

Best travel hair dryer

BaByliss Travel Pro Dryer, £40, Beauty Expert

best hair dryers Babyliss Travel pro

Granted you probably care less about your hair’s appearance on holiday, where you spend most of your time looking like a pineapple with it scrunched atop your head. A girl has more important things to worry about, like soaking up the local culture or getting bronzed on the beach.

But while you’re not so focused on the actual styling of your hair, you still want it dry before you leave your Airbnb. We’re all aware of how much space hair dryers take up, but the new travel dryer from Babyliss is a smaller version without compromising on any power – so it’s just as good as taking your full-sized one.

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Best hair dryers for curly, frizzy hair

T3 Cura Luxe Dryer, £234.95, Beauty Bay

best hair dryers T3

The latest hair drying innovation from T3 is a bit of a masterpiece, featuring five heat settings, an auto-stop function and a ‘cool shot’ function for locking in your style. It’s quick drying without fluffing and frizzing your hair into oblivion, and surprisingly lightweight for such a technologically advanced tool; the digital IonAir technology helps boost shine and minimise frizz levels for much smoother hair overall. If drying your hair easily results in a frizz-bomb situation, this one is for you. If you like to use a diffuser on your curls, pair with the SoftCurl Diffuser, £40 at NET-A-PORTER.

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Best hair dryers for fine hair

ghd Helios Dryer in Ink Blue, £159,

best hair dryers for fine hair ghd

Fine hair doesn’t require as much time to dry as other hair types, but if you’ve got a lot of it it can still be a bit of a task. You need a dryer that doesn’t turn your locks into a flat, unimpressive haystack, but that dries ’em quick.

When it comes to the world of hair styling, we can’t not mention ghd; they’re probably the first name that springs to mind when you think of heat tools.

Most hairdryers use carbon brushes that wear out over time, causing the motor to stop working. But brushless motors like the ghd Helios dryer use magnets and electronics to drive the motor, which in turn extends the life of your dryer. This motor type is also lightweight, super quiet and delivers a strong airflow for fast, frizz-free results.

Helios also features the brand’s ‘Aeroprecis Technology’ – an aerodynamic design with a special contoured nozzle that guarantees even airflow and concentrated temperature. Fine hair, be styled!

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Best hair dryers with diffuser

ghd Air Diffuser, £15, Fabled

best hair dryer with diffuser ghd

Diffusers are popular choice for smoother hair as they distribute the air and heat evenly around your locks, ideal if it’s on the thick side or curly. It’s ultimately better than. Most hair dryer brands, including Parlux, ghd and Dyson, have the option of buying a separate diffuser as an add-on if you wish.

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Best hair dryer for thick hair

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, £299.99, John Lewis

best hair dryers Dyson Supersonic

No doubt you’re heard all about the Dyson Supersonic, which is by now one of the most famous hair dryers in the world. Yes, it’s the most expensive hair dryer on the list, but it just so happens to be the smartest hair dryer on the list. If you are prepared to part with the money it really is worth it. Professionals, experts and beauty editors are obsessed with it and there’s now a curler, the Dyson Airwrap, too.

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Whether you struggle with fine hair or frizz, damaged hair or curls, you’re now equipped with the right dryer for you. Arm yourself with your heat protection spray and one of the best hair dryers from our round up below, and you’ll never have a bad hair day again.

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