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The most iconic and dreamy dresses ever

Nobody makes a wedding dress like a king.

With the news from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wedding in May 2018, of course, everyone is wondering who the actress will choose as her Wedding dress designer, and what style she will choose. And we use it as an excuse to look back in the archives at the royal wedding dresses that went before her …

Royal wedding dresses

Princess Diana’s wedding dress

The most famous of all is obvious Princess Diana’s dress, created by David and Elizabeth Emanuel for their wedding to Prince Charles on July 29, 1981. The ball gown was literally suitable for a princess, with layers of layers of silk taffeta, puffed sleeves, and a 25-foot train. Sure, it wasn’t everyone’s taste and it screams 80s, but the fact that we’re still talking about it today makes it pretty iconic, doesn’t it?

royal wedding dresses

Photo by REX / Shutterstock (88888bk) – Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, London, Britain – July 29, 1981

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

You could say no dress was ever expected as hot as it was Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. Estimated at a whopping £ 250,000, it was (secretly, obvs) designed by Alexander McQueen’s creative fashion director, Sarah Burton. The dress in the style of the 50s was made of satin gazar, lace and organza, pinched at the waist and provided with a full skirt that imitates an opening flower. It had a relatively short train and matched the elegant decor of Westminster Abbey perfectly. It was something old, nineteenth-century style on the top, and for her, something blue, Kate had sewn a piece of blue ribbon into the dress.

It was a pleasure for viewers and fashion critics and was copied by too many fashion brands to count.

royal wedding dresses Prince William Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle’s wedding dress

The world talked about what Meghan would wear months before the big day – and it didn’t disappoint. The silk dress, designed by British designer Clare Waight Keller – Givenchy’s artistic director – had an open boat neckline, three-quarter-length sleeves, and a piece of the blue dress from Meghan’s first date with Harry was reportedly sewn into the dress. Her veil was 16 feet long and 3 meters wide with embroidered flowers (British winter sweet and California poppy) and is said to have lasted 500 hours. Kensington Palace announced that the dress showed “timeless minimal elegance” and we have to agree.

royal wedding dresses prince harry meghan markle

Photo credit: REX / Shutterstock

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress

We can’t mention Harry and Meghan without the obvious reference to Grace Kelly, who was also an American actress who married a prince, especially Prince Rainer III. From Monaco. Her dress is still considered one of the most beautiful of all time and it is even believed that Kate was inspired by the classic design for her. A fun fact for you: instead of choosing a well-known designer (we’re sure Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent toppled over to get the job done), Grace chose their MGM costume designer Helen Rose to do so The couple had worked closely together in Hollywood. It was made from taffeta and decorated with 125 year old lace and pearls and was just beautiful.

royal wedding dresses Grace Kelly's wedding to Prince Ranier

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